Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Update...Where have I been?

hey chicas!

I have been busy busy busy...but my hair is still in hibernation. I have decided to give my hair a break and some time to grow by wearing sew in's. I have also gotten HOOKED. I got my last install done about 2 weeks ago and I used Halley's Curls Gentle Wave in 16 inches. I have mixed feelings about it.

I have a few pics and I will definitely update to add them later.

I am still natural...and I still do not want a relaxer. I miss my hair at times and I am eager to do a twist and curl, but I was SO discourgaed by all of my setbacks and the lack of growth. When I do decide to take this weave down, I will be weaving back up. However, I plan to straighten and get a trim before I reweave again.

I am taking supplements and using Megatek (mixed with a few other things) under my current weave. The last weave I used nothing.... but I can not chance a setback due to lack of I had to "Do what I know is right" LOL

At any rate...I will make an effoprt to update more with pics...because I still read about tons of hair, weight, skin, diet and fashion stuff...

Until later!