Monday, February 23, 2009

So I have been missing...

Where have I been? Well I wore my hair straight for a few days...and then I hennaed and wore twist for a day...then I wore a twist out tonight...and right now...I just washed and I am trying a twist and curl.

Wonder how it will come out? All I used was conditioner...hmmmm....
We shall see in the AM What I get. I know these darn laters is making it hard as heck.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Book Review: The Best of Everything...Kimberla Lawson Roby

I darn near had a heart attack when I saw this book at Walmart. So I picked it up and here are my thoughts.

Kimberla introduces Alica Black Sullivan in this book. Alica, the oldest daughter of the infamous Curtis Black, is all grown up and a newly wed. This book tells about her struggles as a newly wed and how her past contributes to that.

Overall I think this was an OK book. Maybe it is because I have read ALL Roby's books and I expect a little more. The book left me wanting more. A few of the things mentioned in the book did not make any sense to me when considering her story line. I would have liked to see her deal more with what Alicia's issues were that resulted in the problem that she has currently. That did not happen. In this book it was just drama and more drama...but no real resolutions. A few parts of it were also unrealistic. I guess I just expect allot out of Roby. All in all....on a scale of 1 to 10 this book gets a 5. It just did not move me.

Well looky here! attempts at a twist out are getting better and better. The pic above is my twist out as of about a month ago.... the picture below is my most recent twist out. Watch out natural I come! :-)

Monday, February 9, 2009

So....I wore twists to work

Today was my first time actually wearing my "twists" to work. Overall I got a great response. The are holding up well. I have a satin cap on...and I am ITCHING to wash.

I am also looking forward to my next henna treatment.

Here is a pic of my very first attempt at twist taken a month ago (don't view if u are drinking because u are GOING to laugh.)

And you see my most recent pic here....

Now...I still have a ways to go...but...Henna...weekly deep conditioner....and supplements...they are all winners in my book.

Also, here is a pic of me the day after my first Henna treatment...Notice how full my puff is?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

As promised....

Here are a few pics at today's twists. I hope to get a few days out of these...then redo. Right now...twist outs are not my friend.

By Gosh I think I have it...

So...I tried something new with styling. I have officially grown tired of my puff...and I don't want ot wear my hair straight...soo....I tried twists again. Not really in hopes of a twist out...but to wear as a style... I am under the dryer as we speak...but each time I do them...they get better. I REALLY liked these wet and I am eager to see them dry. Only thing I don't like is that Ihad to use a little fantasia gel for hold...hopefully I can soon step away from that as my hair gets thicker. When its dry I am going to coat it with even more shea butter. GOTTA have uber soft twists...
At anyrate...I will post pics when I am fully dry.... Me excited...I think I have a winner on my hands...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Step AWAY from the shower....

So....I have hair ADHD...well I prolly have it in general. LOL But I am over my twists...and now...looking at how glossy and shiny my ends are...I want to do a roller set... but me lazy.
Hmmm will I hop in the shower and roller set before bed...or go to bed...and try it later.

Being as though I have had a little wine and I am tipsy...I prolly need to go ahead and go to bed. LOL!

And the results are....

OK...maybe practice really does make perfect. I still have a ways to go to get where I want to be...but I CAN wear my twists in public now. I could not capture a good pic of the front but you get the idea from viewing these! I will eventually take them down and HOPE for a twist out.

I used no gel...just conditioner. Once dry I rubbed shea butter thru them and sprayed my Joico finishing shine spray on it. My hair is so SOFT! Me love it long time.... Now...if I could just stop with gel and such with my wash n go's.....that is my next goal.

OH! I will also get a pic outside so that you all can see my beautiful "Cherry Coke" color!


Two stransd twist revisted...

So...after my second hair is a little thicker than before. So I sat here and divided my hair into four sections. I will take pictures once it dries. I used DevaCare One Condition,Jessicurl WDT (very little) and a tad bit of Giovanni Direct Leave in. As I was twisting, I broke it down into smaller portions and I used Cantu Shea Butter Leave in.

It is still wet but it lookas decent...aside from those irritating layers. Gonna take a quick nap and sit under the dryer for a min...and MAYBE I can wear the twists as a style today and twist out tomorrow...
I will update when I am dfinally dry.


Friday, February 6, 2009

I have a disease....

and it is called hand in HAIR!

So...I was impatient and could not wait on my Jamila brand Henna. So I used Dulhan Henna... I mixed it with Green Tea, honey, olive oil, a pinch of Vatika Oil and Amla Oil. Over kill right? Well I sat it on my heating pad for like 15 minutes....applied...then left on overnight.
The color is more vibrant. I am a chocolate cherry head gal! Call me Cherry Coke if you would! LOL

When I rinsed the Henna out....I used a mixture of conditioners:
Elucence MB
Jessicul WDT
Pantene Breakage Defense

I left it on for an hour and a half and sat under my heating cap for 45 minutes. Rinsed....CWed with my pantene hydrating curls...and into a puff my hair went.

I can't keep my hand out of it. Because I had to detangle (and loss very little hair mind you) my curls are not as defined as they COULD be but it still looks and feels great. I will take a pic when it dries.
My hair is ALREADY noticably thicker! I am excited. I am contemplating attempting to twist it tonight...we shall see.
At any rate...another successful Henna application.
My next application will be when I receive the Jamila in the mail. After that I may chill for 2 weeks or so....I think I am going to incorporate Amla into my daily regime for a bit...and start back with my OCT once I get on a Henna schedule. I am VERY excited. My hair feels SO soft and it getting thicker ALREADY. Henna head for life....Henna Head for life.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just can't help myself... I sit with another batch of Henna on my head. LOL
I am SO amazed by the benefits I received the first time...I am eager to see how my hair responds the second time. This time I added oil and conditioner to my Henna mix...I also dyed my wrist and neck orange. LOL My hair did seem to fall lower this time...maybe I detangled better.

Also, I have to say AGAIN how great Jessicurl is. I guess the Olive Oil that I added today pushed the Jessicurl up even higher. My hair was SO freaking soft and big. If I had not hennaed...I would have used it as a DC just to see what I got.

Well...I will update when I rinse this Henna out!

Until later!

Slip and Slide...

So...I tried out my Jessicurl WDT yesterday. My curls were starting to look a little thirsty so I decided that it was time to bun for a little bit. So my Jessicurl JUST so happened to arrive....and when I opened it and saw how thick it was (similar to a moisturizer) I decided to use it as a leave in. I know of another curly that does this so decided what the heck.
So...yesterday I put my hair in a phony bun...nbaggied underneath with the following products.
Elucence MB Conditioner
Shea MOisture Leave IN
Jessicurl WDT
Shea Butter on ends...
This morning when I took it hair felt very soft and moist. So I did my daily CW with Pantene** and this morning I only applied Elucence, Jessicurl and Olive Oil on my ends. I am in a high bun today...baggied underneath. Tonight...I will DC with Pantene Breakage Defense Mask (I found some at Walmart)
So...Jessicurl gets two thumbs up as a leave in. Left my hair feeling buttery soft.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Conditioner Washes...
I use LOTS of conditioners for conditioner washes. However, my hair responds BEST to Pantene Hydrating Curls. I need to see if Sam's sells a HUGE tub of this. This morning I started out with Bed Head Moisture Maniac (which is pretty good but not mind blowing...Hello Hydration is better and cheaper) and I added Pantene Hydrating Curls to it. I think that this is going to be my main conditioner as my hair responds so well to it.

Until later......

I will also post of a pic of today's "CurlyNikki bun" that I am wearing when I get home tonight.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just thought I would add some pics

Below are pictures of me today....and pics of my 3 day old puff. Gotta love that henna!

Jessicurl WDT

Greetings all!

I have been over here loving on my hair. Until today, my hair has been in some form of a puff. Well today it is super cold I decided to pamper my hair a bit, and put it in a baggied bun. So...I got my Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment yesterday and I coated my hair with that...and Elucence MB conditioner...and put it in a baggied bun. I sealed my ends with Shea Butter. I am going to baby my hair for maybe two more days or so...then I am going to Henna again this weekend.

I ordered 4 boxes of the Jamila brand Henna. I am hoping that it comes by Friday...but if it doesn't I will just use the Reshma brand again. I am trying to determine if I am going to leave it in overnight again....or let it sit overnight and leave it on for a few hours. I am leaning more towards leaving it on overnight. People in my life are SO tired of hearing about I guess I will hush and put it here in my little blog.

In other news, I have pressed pause on my application of OCT. Being that it is high in protein, I think it is best that I lay off of it for a bit because I am doing so many Henna treatments...once I go to once a month henna treatments...maybe I will incorporate it back into my regi.

As far as supplements...I am doing good...I am taking my MSM powder, Biotin and B complex with extra Vit C. So...I am going to hold out on the straightening until March...or atleast the very last week of Feb...but we shall see.
Can I do it? Can I hold out another month being that I have not straightened in a month...and more importantly have I gotten any growth and retained any length. One the left side of my head...when I stretch a peice from the is at my arm pit...what will it look like when it is actually straightened...I am SO curious to see.

Well...until tomorrow...or later on today...

OH and next up...Olive Oil facial washes...and weekly work outs with weight training...I MUST get fineR for this summer. LOL

Toot Toot! :-)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

And the results are in....

As promised here are the post Henna pics. The first one shows first day hair. My curl is a little looser. That makes me nervous...I do NOT want to lose my curls.

But I guess it has to do with the henna...because my second day hair looks HOT! LOL See below. Me likey! tired...going to bed. Until later...