Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fish Oil and Weight Loss: What is the connection?

Benefits of Fish Oil for Fitness and Health

When the words oils and fats are mentioned, health-conscious individuals tend to run for cover. What they fail to realize is that there are good fats and bad fats. Complete avoidance of intake of oils and fats would actually be detrimental – rather than beneficial – to their health.

The Truth about Fish Oil
Essential fatty acids must always be part of our daily diet – without them, we take one step closer to our deaths. Essential fatty acids are divided into two families: omega-6 EFAs and omega-3 EFAS.

Although there are only very slight differences to distinguish the two groups of essential fatty acids from each other, studies have revealed that too much intake of omega-6 EFAs can lead to inflammation, blood clotting and tumor growth. The good news, however, is that the opposite is true for omega-3 EFAs. Omega-6 EFAs can be found in vegetable oils while omega-3 EFAs can be found in fish oils among other foods.

Omega-6 vs. Omega-3
Physicians and scientists are of the same opinion that the cause behind increasing cases of heart disease, hypertension or high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, premature aging and certain kinds of cancer is none other than an imbalanced intake of omega-3 and omega-6 EFAs.

As mentioned earlier on, omega-6 EFAs can be found in vegetable oils. This includes but is not limited to corn oil and soy oil, both of which contains high amounts of linoleic acid. Omega-3 EFAs on the other hand can be found also in marine plankton and walnut and flaxseed oils. It should be significant to take note that fatty fish and fish oils contain eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), fatty acids that have been observed to provide many benefits to the human body. In the early 1970’s, a study on Greenland Eskimos have revealed that one of the major reasons why they rarely suffer from heart diseases is because of their high-fat diet (mainly composed of fish).

The two essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA, are also helpful in preventing atherosclerosis, heart attacks, depression and various forms of cancer. Fish oil supplemented food have also proven to be useful in treating illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, Raynaud’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Other Benefits of Fish Oil
There are a lot more illnesses and situations in which intake of fish oil has proven to be significantly beneficial.

Making the Heart Healthier
The heart is inarguably one of the most important parts of our body and having an unhealthy heart means having to suffer a rather limited lifespan. Naturally, it’s in our best interests to keep our hearts happy and healthy and one way of doing that is eating food that contains fish oil.

In Athens, Greece, for instance, a study was made to show if there was a direct relationship between high fish diet and inflammation of blood vessels. The results revealed that those who ate more fish than the others had a lower level of C-reactive protein and interleukin-6, factors that are commonly used to measure likelihood of blood vessel inflammation. These benefits remained even when the various risks associated with high fish diet were taken into account.

Fish to Become Thin
In Perth, Australia, a study had revealed that fish consumption can be used against hypertension and obesity. Researchers of the UWA (University of Western Australia) have discovered that a weight-loss diet which includes a regular amount of fish consumption can be quite effective in reducing blood pressure and improving glucose tolerance.

Fish Oil to Combat Asthma
People suffering from respiratory problems like asthma tend to be perceived as unfit and unhealthy. They should now be pleased to learn that certain studies have revealed the benefits of fish oil for asthma-burdened-individuals. Statistics show that approximately 20 to 25% of children today suffer one form of asthma or another at a certain point in their lives. And certain evidence reveals a regular diet of food with high linoleic acid content as the reason behind it.

Researchers of UW (University of Wyoming) conducted a study by subjecting a number of children to a high-fish diet while others continued with their regular diet. Results revealed that the participants who ate more fish were less prone to asthma attacks and were able to breathe more easily as well.

Consult Your Nutritionist Now
Nothing is good when consumed or used excessively but complete avoidance of a particular food type is equally harmful as well. Ask your nutritionist for the right amount of fish intake for your age and health status.

Birth Control and Hair Loss

If the title of this post made your heart skip a beat...then we are on the same page. :-)

I have been on this natural journey for quite some time now. Maybe about 6-8 months ago I swtiched from Ortho Evra (the hormonal patch) to Loestrin (birth control pill). Well immediately I experienced side effects. As with most other methods of birth control that I have used, I experienced break through bleeding. In addition, I also became very moody and at times even depressed. I noticed over time that I went up a cup size and I also started to spread in my hip area. The man was LOVING this...but I was giving it the side eye. Well the bleeding stopped only to be replaced with terrible cramps. The increased "boobage" and "hippage" turned into all over weight...and although my stomach remained pretty much flat, I went from a 6-8 to a 10-12. Well I still tried to hang in there with it because an unplanned pregnancy would be worse.

Well I have experienced increased shedding for atleast the past 6 months. I initially went to weaves in an effort to discourage any further shedding and just leave my hair alone altogether. Well it was not until recently when I took my6 last weave down and I noticed how thin my hair had become. I then took to the internet to research the effects of weave on the hair. I could not understand how after years of wearing weaves, I was experiencing such thinning. My research did not yield many results.

Well I was also researching weightloss while on birth control. While researching this subject, I learned that many low estrogen birth control pills often cause the hair to thin. I was both elated and livid! Atleast I now know WHY my hair is coming out. I was upset because it took me this long to find out. So am I correct in assuming that birth control prevents pregnancy because it makes you FAT, BALD and CRAZY?!? Seems that way! LOL

At any rate, I am in another weave install (my third) and I am continuing to care for my hair under the weave. I have also stopped the use of hormonal birth control. In an effort to bounce back for the hair thinning as a result of birth control, I plan to implement new supplements into my diet. My new vitamin regime will be:
Fish Oil
B Complex

When I take this install down I will take a picture and then I will compare it six months from now. Will these supplements help me restore my original thickness? Only time will tell!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Missing my Hair: Still In Sew in!

So I have been weaved up since September and I have MISSED my hair.
When I took my weave down last time, I only wore my hair for about 2 days before I got it reweaved. Although I had two days with my hair, I did not do a length check at all. After wearing that THICK hair felt SO thin.

I recently discovered that I was losing hair. I could not for the life of me figure out why my hair was shedding so badly. Well I finally figured it out...MEDICATION. I recently switched to a new birth control pill and my body does not seem to agree at all. I will soon post more about the overall affects of different methods of birth control on your body.

At any rate....I liked my weave....not as much as I liked the first one...but I liked it. I used a better brand of hair this time...and I will be saving this hair ro use on a future install.

I have also decided to spend the first 6 months of 2010 in weaves. I am determined to retain some length and reach my hair first and second hair goal in 2010.

At any rate...I am taking my weave down and deep conditioning tonight. I hope that I have something good waiting for me under this weave. In the meantime, here are a few pics of my current do...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Update...Where have I been?

hey chicas!

I have been busy busy busy...but my hair is still in hibernation. I have decided to give my hair a break and some time to grow by wearing sew in's. I have also gotten HOOKED. I got my last install done about 2 weeks ago and I used Halley's Curls Gentle Wave in 16 inches. I have mixed feelings about it.

I have a few pics and I will definitely update to add them later.

I am still natural...and I still do not want a relaxer. I miss my hair at times and I am eager to do a twist and curl, but I was SO discourgaed by all of my setbacks and the lack of growth. When I do decide to take this weave down, I will be weaving back up. However, I plan to straighten and get a trim before I reweave again.

I am taking supplements and using Megatek (mixed with a few other things) under my current weave. The last weave I used nothing.... but I can not chance a setback due to lack of I had to "Do what I know is right" LOL

At any rate...I will make an effoprt to update more with pics...because I still read about tons of hair, weight, skin, diet and fashion stuff...

Until later!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Pic of my new Weave

As promised.... I signed in for a sec to share a pic of my current do!

I promise to post better ones later!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Where have I been?

So...I have been MIA for a couple of weeks.

Well for one a chick has been BUSY working 329749328749823 jobs and going to school. It's all good tho because MONEY COMETH! :-)

In regard to my hair....I have given my lovely mane a break and gotten a sew in.
I have a simple sew in with the perimeter and a horseshoe shaped portion in the front left out. I am planning to take this down and get reweaved up in November. Hopefully I can weave it up until sometime in 2010. I am DETERMINED to have long hair come Summer 2010. I will be inching my way to Brastrap August 2010 and Midback by January 2011. Weave....please be my friend.

Pictures to soon follow. :-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Replacement for My Beloved Kinky Curly Curling Custard

Hello all!

For those of you that follow, you know that I have had a love hate relationship with KCCC lately.
Somtimes KCCC can produce perfect silky spiral curls for me....other times it produces a stringy sticky mess. I recently tried Kinky Curly Curling Custard on my twist out and was quite pleased with the results.

Even before I purchased KCCC, I always got good results with Eco Styler gel with Infusium 21 leave in under it. Well the problem with this was I always ran out of Infusium SUPER fast and it was a chore to keep some in my closet. So I strayed away from this...

Well after reading naturally curly I read about Long Aid Curl Activator and how awesome it I gave it a try. TOTAL bust. My hair felt SUPER greasy...and my curls did not clump at all..

Well recently I was reading on naturally curly that someone puts long aid curl activator on their hair BEFORE EcoStyler Clear. Well I have always used the brown Eco Styler....So I FIRST tried the clear Ecostyler alone....HATED IT.
Next I tried another curl activator under the brown eco gel.....It looks good. I was pleased...

Well yesterday I picked up MORE long aid curl activator and did the following:
Washed in shower with Aussie Moist
Put about .50(two quarters in palm) worth of Aussie MOist in my hair as a leave in...
Then put .75 of Long aid Curl Activator in hair
Pulled .75 of Clear Eco Styler gel thru my hair

Perfect Ringlets and awesome smelling hair!
It looks REALLY similar to when I first tried KCCC and it is MUCH cheaper. If you like KCCC and need something cheaper or you are out and can not order right away...this combo may work for you.

I will try it a few more times then include some pictures...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another Successful Twist out!

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Braid out/Twist out Drama continues

So, I have pretty much master the braid out/twist out...but EVERYTIME I try to wear it to the office it is busted.

I am SO distraught today...
A whole day of ugly hair.

Can't wait to get home and redo on dry hair...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Loving my curls **Pics added**

So....I washed out my press.
It was nice...but pressing takes some of the bulkiness out of my hair that flat ironing leaves.

I did a twist out and I LOVE it.

Here are a couple of pics...The pic in the blue is the second day hair! :-)

***Edited to add pics****

Monday, August 10, 2009

Beauty Salon Update: Pressed Hair

As planned, I went to the salon on friday. I was VERY nervous and was really hoping that I would not leave looking like Cousin Pearl. Well. Here is my experience:

I arrived at 5:30 and she immediately had the shampoo girl start on me. After a conditioning treatment, she lightly blow dried my hair on a warm setting. Once my hair was 80% dry, she placed me under the dryer. After sitting there maybe 10 minutes, she got me out. She then gave me a good ole press and curled my hair with some marcels.

When she whipped me around I could not hide my smile! I LOVED it. It looked light and bouncy. I had MAJOR movement. Unfortunately the humidity stole my curls before I made it home...but once I wrapped my was silky and bouncy.

I will DEFINITELY be back in two weeks. My hair is not the length I would like, but it is nice and thick and a decent length.

Me happy!

Flax Seed Oil: Is it really beneficial

A few months I vitamin supplement shopping. I know that I had read several positive reviews on Flax Seed oil and Omega fatty acids. I decided to give Flax Seed a spin!

Well I took it off and on for a few weeks without even reading up on it to see WHAT the benefits are!

Well today, I decided to do a little research. I found that Flax Seed is a healthy fat that is very very beneficial to us! Some of the benefits of flaxseed are:

healthy hair and nails
lowers blood pressure
healthy skin
reduces the risk of cancer

What else could you ask for?!?!

Read more about the benefits of flaxseed oil here!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Split Ends: What causes them? Part 1

Well, since I am fighting a losing battle with split ends, I decided to do a little research. We all know that before we can FIX a problem we have to first identify the problem and what is causing it.

Since my last trim, I have been depressed so I have kept my hair in a protective bun 90% of the time. I did wear a puff twice. ONLY twice. I sleep in a satin cap and on a satin pillow case. What could be causing my hair trauma?!

Readind online, I have found the following reasons to be the most common causes of split ends:

Excessive use of hot styling tools (irons, hot curlers, blow dryers, hot combs).
Overuse of chemical treatments (relaxers, perms, hair color).
Use of inferior styling tools that rip or snag hair (cheap synthetic brushes or combs, brush rollers, etc.,).
Environmental damage from heat, cold, wind and other climate issues.
Lack of routine maintenance such as regular trimming.
Improper detangling techniques.
Use of inferior hair care products.
Excessive use of styling products such as gels, waxes and sprays.
Trimming with inferior scissors.

(the above courtesy of

After reading this, I have narrowed down the cause of my damage to either:

Too much washing/manipulating my hair. Maybe the daily conditioner washes are just a bit much.

Improper detangling. Perhaps I am doing it wrong.

Use of styling tools. Could my beloved Denman be doing more harm than good?

What am I going to do about it?
Well for startes I am going to get my hair straightened tomorrow. I plan to wear my hair straight 98% of the time. This will eliminate the need of the Denman and detangling as well as daily conditioner washes. My only concern is how to prevent reversion while working out.

Stay tuned for updates.

Look of the day: Satin Dress

Daily Style Inspiration (styled by me!:-))

Tiffany & Co. at ShopStyle

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Population 436

One lazy Sunday afternoon I was watching this movie on television. It was SO good. I was upset that I did not get to finish it and have been hunting for it since! I recently found it on Amazon for $2.58! I feel a movie night coming on!

Coupons: $3.50 off $10.00 at Ulta

Need new shampoo or conditioner?
Been wanting to try DevaCare One Condition?
Need a new flat iron?
Want a new bottle of perfume?
Need new lip gloss?!

Use this Ulta coupon on your next Ulta online order! Happy shopping ladies!

Update on my hair

So...I have become quite disgusted with my hair and was ALMOST about to cave in and relax. To be perfectly honest, I still MAY relax. I really do not want too...but it appears as though my ends are not fond of textured styles. I got a trim a few weeks ago and already it looks as tho I need another one.

I have decided to seek the help of a licensed stylist and wear my hair straight for a bit. I am UBER depressed about it because I may have to cut my hair again. I got so close to APL only to start loosing length. All I know is, if when I start seeing this stylist I do not see a change....I will be texturizing. My whole reason for going natural was healthier, thicker, longer hair. If I am going to be damaged, I may as well have the conveneince of a relaxer.

At any rate....just sharing my little distraught thoughts...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Half Wig Options for Naturals

As I stated previously, I am going back to half wigs (instant weaves) for a bit. I have decided to try topical growth agents and supplements to boost my growth rate. Instant weaves will give me access to my hair AND a cute style when I need it.

Most naturals get frustated with instant weaves because they select the wrong wigs. Straight and shiny synthetic wigs are not the best option if you are natural. In order to make your instant weave look as natural as possible, it is best to choose a textured or curly half wig.

In my fotki album, I provide a tutorial on how to install and blend a half wig. Check it out for tips and getting that natural look that you desire.

Here are a few instant weaves that are ideal for natural heads.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Natural Hair Inspiration 07/15/09 - Teyana Taylor

Things I like: Fashion

OK if you know me, you know that I am crazy about hair and fashion. Lately, I have been jonesing for a Shirtdress. Not sure why, but I am just on the hunt for the perfect sexy shirtdress.

Here are a few that I would LOVE to just show up mysteriously at my door:
Vivienne Westwood at ShopStyle

Lauren Ralph Lauren at ShopStyle

Jones New York at ShopStyle

Rebecca Taylor at ShopStyle

New Experiment: Do regular trims make hair grow faster?

I have been a little distraught for the past couple of days. I decided to straighten my hair and see what I was working with. Well I was very dissappointed. My ends were HORRIBLE. I ended up cutting an inch at home, then going to Super Cuts the next day and getting a professional trim. Because I wear my hair curly 90% of the time, I really did not think I had to worry about split ends. Boy was I wrong. I vowed that I would not clip my ends until I reached my first goal of APL. Well unfortuntely, I would not continue on with those plans.

After getting my ends trimmed and being very unhappy with my hair, I have decided to trim once every 6 to 8 weeks going forward. I refuse to continue allowing split ends to rob me of my hard earned progress. So...I will check back in after 8 weeks, which will be the second week of September. I will take a before pic(can't promise that I will post it depresses me) and an after. After 3 or 4 trims I will revisit. Do regular trims aide in healthy hair growth? What do you think?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Inspirational Natural Hair Pics of the Day : 071309

Act Like a Lady...Think Like a Man - Steve Harvey

How many of you have read this book? I have read it twice and I think he has some good points. What are your thoughts?

10 Reasons that I am glad I am Natural

So, one of my friends is considering transitioning. We have been on the phone for hours over the past few days. I tell all new transitioners the same thing. You need to:
1. Determine WHY you are transitioning. It is easier when you are able to remind yourself WHY you are doing this. For me, it was to obtain healthier and thicker hair.

2. Find some natural hair inspirations in real life AND online. I found people who had hair like mine and I STALKED their hair albums. These pictures really helped me on those days that I felt like relaxing.

With that being said, I decided to list reasons that I am GLAD that I am natural.

1. I can wash my hair and leave the house 10 minutes later.
2. I don't have to spend all day in the salon.
3. No more chemical burns.
4. Most of the styles that I wear do not require rollers. :-)
5. If it rains....I can just restyle my hair and be ok.
6. I don't carry an umbrella!
7. I stand out. My hair is usually different from most folks in the room.
8. If I have a good time dancing, viola....a PUFF!
9. If I decide to go and get my hair straightened, the cost of services in a salon is MUCH cheaper.
10. I have MUCH more versatility.

There are tons more...but I typed this off the top of my head. :-)

For my traveling divas!

For those of you that like to travel, I just HAD to share this!

Check it out while it is still available!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Henna and Twist Out Results **Pics**

I am pleased!
Hopefully it gets better each attempt!

Henna Issue: Loss of Curls due to Henna

I will be the first to tell you about the benefits of Henna for hair. Henna is good for not only natural hair but relaxed hair as well. When I stopped with my henna treatments, I immediately noticed a difference in my hair. My hair was not as thick, I had more shedding and definitely more frizz.

Recently I had a BAD experience with braids that resulted in a minor setback. I decided to use Henna treatments as a means to whip my hair back into shape. This morning/last night I did my third Henna treatment since the braids have been out. I have noticed less shedding, shiny hair, thicker hair and overall healthier hair. Unfrotnately, my biggest and only issue with still a large problem. Initially I stopped with my bimonthly henna treatments because my curl pattern was loosening. If you look in my album, my texture has changed allot since I started using henna. In an effort to revive my curls, I started doing Amla pastes every week. I was able to save my curls using Amla.

Well this morning when I rinsed my henna out of my head, I was discouraged when I saw that my hair was pretty much straight. I went ahead and applied lmy moisturizing conditioner hoping to see curls again when I rinsed it out. After deep conditioning for an hour, I was able to see a few curls and waves...more so waves than curls. I went ahead and flat twisted my hair for a twist out and put rollers on the ends of the loose areas (one side of my head is tighter than the other).

I am under the dryer now...and thinking. I will post pictures of this twist out once it dries completely. I also plan to do an amla paste sometime this week in an effort to revive some of my lovely curls.

What about you? What has your experience been with Henna? Have you lost or loosened your curl pattern using henna? I started adding Amla to my henna to prevent the loosening affect didn't work.

What are your experiences....suggestions....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quest for the perfect Braid out: Part 2 ** PIcs added**

ALMOST there!

I tried it AGAIN last night and it worked!
Well it worked well enough for me to wear it to work. I will post pics and details later today!

OK details and pics...

Thanks to LAQUITA for suggesting Twist and Loc Gel! :-)

K...I conditioner washed with Olive Oil Replishing Conditioner
Sectioned my hair into ONE in the back and two front ponys.
Moisturized each section with Sheamoisture Leave in...
Added Grape Seed Oil to the ends...
In the back I had 8 flat twists....four on each side.
I rubbed Twist and Loc (or Loc and Twist hell I can't remember..LOL) on each section before twisting.
I put a clip at the base of each flat twist (think neck line) and one at the end of the twist (to elongate) and sat under the dryer for about 35 to 45 minutes...
Laid down and went to bed.... came out good. MUCH better than the past. There IS room for improvement...but I am getting somewhere! I am redoing it this weekend! Oh and my hair is SOFT with MEGA body!

Negative points:
Right side is MUCH looser curl wise so it looks wopsided...
Curls not as defined in the back as I would like...perhaps I will split the back of my head into a top half and a bottom half...

At any are a few photos.
Keep in mind...this is my FIRST successful twist out... I will redo this weekend after I henna and I am hoping each time gets better. :-)

***Drum Roll*** LOL

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Inspiring Braid Out Video

I stal...I mean follow her!

I plan to try this method soon. Isn't her hair gorgeous?!?!

Product Review: MOP Glisten Conditioner

A few weeks ago I was browing the clearance rack in Ulta (the first No NO) and I found a huge bottle of MOP Glisten conditioner. I was not familiar with this particular product but I have heard good things about MOP mized greens over on So I decided to get it.

I decided it would be best for a daily CW product, as from readin the label it did not strike me as an ultramoisturizing conditioner.

Well used it...and hated it!
It has NO slip what so ever and it reminds me of Family Dollar brand lotion. You know, you put it in your hands and it is so thin, it feels like nothing is there?

It is so bad, I can't even say I will use the entire bottle. My hair and I just do not see any benefit of using it at all... Feels like I am using water only.

I need it in my life! Louis Vuitton Lockit

So while in New orleans this weekend...I saw this purse up close and personal, and fell in love.

I MUST have it...
Stay tuned...I WILL have her...and soon.

Mastering the Braid out: Part One

So...last night I did my henna treatment in a good minute. My hair has started chedding a something terrible and I have just been bad overall.
I was not working with much time so I only left it in for about 4 hours and a 30 minute deep condition.

I tried to create a braid out with Cantu Shea Butter Leave in and Fantasia IC and about 9 braids (cornrows)....
So didn't work. My waves/curls were not defined at all.

So I am going to try again TONIGHT. This time individual plaits and maybe another setting agent.

Any recs?

I am determined to master the braid out THIS month.
I am TIRED of puffs!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Product Review: DevaCare Arc AnGell

So this weekend I went to visit Ulta. As I told you all, I have been using conditioner only but apparently the money was burning a hole in pocket.

I decided to give DevaCare Arc Angell a hair HATED it. It made my hair siuper frizzy and there was NO curl definition.

So...I will not repurchase this product..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

As promised...

Here are a few pics of my low puff...
I am a little depressed when it comes to my hair. I am about to start paying her ALLOT of attention and get back on track with my Henna and Amla treatments... are a couple of pics...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Product Review: Pantene Relaxed And Natural Moisturizing Conditioner

So...I have been using nothing but conditioner on my hair this summer. My holy grail CW conditioner that I have also been using as a curl agent is Pantene's Hydrating Curls. Well after reading Honey Brown sugar's review of Pantene Relaxed and Natural's Moisturizing conditioner, I decided to give it a try.

Well we all know that what works for one does not work for all. The conditioner was OK but does not at all measure up to Hydrating Curls or my beloved Hello Hydration or Totally Twisted (but by Herbal Essence)

So....I went back to my Tresseme Conditioner for my conditioner wash and I used the Pantene Relaxed and Natural Conditioner as a leave in.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Guess who....

Can do a LOW puff!


That was the next milestone for me! I wanted to wear a puff at the nape of my neck that was sizeable! I will upload a pic tonight!

Lately....Pantene Hydrating Curls is ALL I use in my hair.
So far so good!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Natural Hair one year anniversary of my big chop has passed. I have settled into a routine and become very LAZY. :-)
These days, I am wearing either a puff...or baggied bun. I henna rarely...only if I find the time...which is not often...and I deep condition...never. :-(

I am a very bad girl. I find myself spending more and more time at my SO's place and he hates the smell of henna. So between dealing with him, the kids, school, the 2nd job...and the hair doesn't get much time.

My style of choice lately has been a puff. If I am feeling cute, I put a little hump in the top.:-) Boring right?

I found an old bottle of Salon Selectives Loosely Defined and my hair loved me long time. I sure wish that was still sold in My hair loved it.

Kinky Curly Curling Custard... I had to give my hair a break from this.

OCT....I think this works...esp when mixed with MN but I need to reup. I have been lazy.

Lately I have been wearing a puff styled with fantasia on my sides and edges and Pantene Hydrating curls on the length. I have attached a pic.

I will be back soon. Hopefully I can take some REAL progress pics soon.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Chop Photos....and a sneak peek...

Tomorrow is the big year since the big chop! I decided to post a few pics of me about a year ago right after the chop...

Here are a few crappy camera phone pics...the first one is today... I promis to take better pics soon.