Monday, July 28, 2008

Pat Your Weave girl, Part 2

Ok. I am known amonst friends, foes and family and the Weave Queen. Now that I am in the process of growing out my TWA, I will be wearing more and more weave. Like I said in previous posts, in order to avoid blending issues, I have pretty much been sticking to kinky weaves. I found some hair that is affordable, blends well, and does not shed much at all. This BSS hair gets the Fabulous Stamp of Approval. Check it out, Brandy's Pro 10 Bohemian Curl. I have attached is a little old here but I LOVE this hair! One pack of 10 inch hair will run you 15 bucks. It is not human hair. It is classified as "protein hair" What ever that is...all I know is...I can wet it...and fluff it...and be about my way. GREAT hair for a natural diva that wants to take a break from dealing with her own mane.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pretty Skin vs Long Hair

Why can't I just have both? Why must it be a either or? I have been drinking MSM water for about 4 or 5 months now. I must say, it does work. My hair has grown allot. Well it really was in vain, because I gained a nice length...and then did the big chop. Well the only downside to it, is the SKIN issues. I have always been prone to acne. However, MSM seems to make it worse. So I decided to try to beat out the MSM...and I took a trip to my derm. He gave me some samples of Differin Gel. I have been using that and my skin is WORST! LOL I can't win. I am going to start on Accutane in a couple of weeks. Hopefully the MSM and the Accutane together will help me reach my goal of pretty clear skin WITHOUT make up and long thick flowing hair. I plan to straighten my hair most of the winter months, so I need to be APL by January.

Will I reach my goal of APL by Jan? Stay tuned to see....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pat Your Weave Girl! Part 1

I have this problem. I have gotten over thinking that natural hair is not attractive, but I am still not please with how my hair looks at it's current length. I just do not feel glamourous! The simple thing to do would be to get a weave. Well I am sure allot of you know how expensive and time consuming installing a weave can be. Though I am blessed to be able to do my own weave…it is still not easy to find time or good hair to do it. Add to all of that the fact that I suffer from mild Hair ADD, and you have a whole new set of issues. With all that being said, I had to find a solution. Instant Weaves! I could KISS the genius that invented these. An instant weave gives you the finished look of a sew in and the convenience of a drawstring ponytail. What more can a girl ask for? Here are some tips I have picked up over the years of wearing instant weaves.

1.When you find a good one that you like, buy more than one. This applies ESPECIALLY if it is a synthetic styles. In the past I have purchased IW that I did not like right away and as they got older I LOVED them but when I go back to buy another they are no longer in stock.
2.If you are natural or texturized, stay away from silky straight shiny styles. If you are leaving a portion of your hair out, please chose a style that looks somewhat similar to what the good lord blessed you with.
3.When wearing curly styles, pick pick pick! Pick and pull and tease and touch. I know allot of people do not like big hair but the more you pick and pull the better it will look. Most ladies do not have frizz free perfect curls, so the less perfect your IW curls are the more natural your IW will look.

4.When leaving hair out in the front, less is more. You do not want to leave a large chunk out in the front. Only enough to cover the tell tale HUMP where your instant weave starts. If you work out and plan to put your hair in a ponytail, remember to leave hair out around the perimeter.

Now the important part, how do you wear an instant weave? Putting it on can take as little as 5 minutes and as long as an hour. It all depends on your skill level and the type of style that you opt for. Being that I am natural, I have not worn a straight instant weave in quite some time. I know that with the southern humidity, the front of my hair would not last very long. I also use IW’s as a protective style so putting heat on the front would defeat the purpose. I did post step by step instructions in my fotki album.
Check it out for more detail on how to wear an instant weave. Here and there I will spotlight different instant weaves and also continue updating the tutorial album. I hope that this helps someone. Now…go ahead…Pat those instant weaves ladies!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Unbeweavably Natural

About a month and a half ago, I was on fotki looking at hair albums. I come across this one lady that has lovely natural hair. Being that I had been transitioning for a year, I sought out albums with natural hair similar to mine for inspiration. Well I saw this one lady that had beautiful kinky hair..and she was so chic and glamourous. This was new to me. Growing up in the south, I was raised to believe that my hair in it's natural state was not attractive. My mother however was not bothered by what was attractive or not...she refused to relax my long kinky hair. Well as we all do...I rebelled and got a relaxer. After getting my relaxer, my hair was never quite as long and healthy as it was in its natural state...
Now, let's get back to where I you can thought process is very random. LOL At any rate, I can across this album with a Fly Natural Chic. My hair was styled in a sew in weave at the time. I stared at her hair for a good 10 minutes before I got up, went in the bathroom and began cutting my weave out. I knew if I thought about it too long I would chicken out. Well one hour later I had cut all of the relaxer out of my hair and I LOVED it.

Then I woke up the next day. LOL Am I saying I regret it? NO. Do I regret it? Heck no. I love my natural hair. BUT...I feel I look better with longer hair. I feel like a walking lollipop with shorter hair. So after wearing my hair out and natural once publicly, I found that shrinkage was NOT my friend. I have become very acquainted with phony ponies, half wigs and sew ins. All of that to say I cut all my hair become...naturally...UNBEWEAVABLE. I will revisit my hair without assistance after a few months of growth.