Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weight Loss Update

So, I have less than 30 days until my cruise. I recently decided to get very serious about my weightloss. Not only because of the cruise, but because I have a closet full of clothing that I can not fit.

How do I plan to lose this weight? Two ways, weight watchers and working out. I recently joined a local gym. The facitlity is REALLY nice and has an awesome childcare center as well as several activities for my son. One of my biggest challenges in working out is childcare. My son is 8 and can not accompany me on the treadmill. I love that my new guy has a childcare center than is open until 9 on most nights. They also have swimming lesions for the little one and se veral other activities he can enjoy while mom is working it out.

Weight Watchers
The beast. While many make it look terribly aeasy, the truth is, it isn’t. Why isn’t it easy? Because weight watchers is not a crash diet or a quick little diet that helps you lose so many pounds. Weight watchers is a lifestyle change and it takes some time to get acclimated to things.

I am starting my third week on weight watchers and my fourth week of working on (second week in the gym…first two I was doing it the old fashioned way outside). So far my progress is as follows:

Weight Loss: 2.8 pounds
Inches lost: 2 inches from waist

I have not been consistent with measuring anything but my waist. Maybe when things get good and my clothes start fitting better I will be more detailed with my stats. For now, this is it Jack! 

Biggest Challenges for this week:
Limiting my WINE and MARGARITA intake (a girl is stressed)
Finding a better way to deal with Stress
Keeping SUGAR out of my mouth (evil cupcakes and gummy bears)

Conditioner Only Please

So....I am taking a break from the weaves. While sew in weaves are a great protective style, they are also very hard on the pockets. :-) I am also back in the gym working out. So it's kind of hard to keep a straight/perfect weave doing allot of cardio and sitting in a sauna and steam room.

I have been wearing my hair in a phony pony that I ball up into a bun. I make sure to coat the ends of my ponytail with S curl and Shea butter.

Well today I decided to wear a puff. I don't like wearing my puff as much anymore because it has gotten so thin. Well the ends are thin, my new growth is mega thick. I have found that hair doesn't need the gel or curling creams. I can put plain on conditioner in my hair (after my conditioner wash) and get just as many defined curls if not more. I am eager to see how my hair is at the length that it is now...with lots more thickness. If my hair had not thinned and were are the length that it is now...I would be having a style field day. But such is is only hair...and it will get there.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Update: 3 More months of Sew Ins

hheeeeyyyy peeps!

So....I have been in sew in's since my last post. I have not been consistent with my supplements or topical agents. I have just been lettin things do what they do. Well I took my weave out a little early this time and I was pleased to find that my hair is starting to thicken back up. The down side to that is the ends and MOST of my legnth is terribly thin. Birth control was not my friend. :-(

I am sitting here with Henna and Amla on my head. I will start back with these powders in hopes of getting my hair back into shape. Once I gain 4 to 5 more inches I will cut the legnth off...which sucks because I am a little beyond APL.

I will do a better job of updating....just a little down about my hair these days.

I WILL make a come back from this thin ugly hair. LOL

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update on my Hair: 3 Months of Consistent Sew In's

Hello friends!

Well it has been 3 months of nothing but sew in's for me. I recently discovered that my hair was shedding due to birth control. My hair has thinned out tremendously and has me very sad and depressed.

Well I had my last weave for about 5 weeks and decided it was time to take it down. I asm scared to keep the weave for too long because I am deathly afraid of my hair dreading up. Well I took my hair down and got good news and bad news.

The bad news....
It is as bad as I thought. My hair is VERY thin. I have been taking supplements and using MT topically in an effort to nurse my original thickness back. I also have to apologize to my beloved henna. When I started losing hair, I blamed it on henna. I was so sure that henna made my hair fall out...well henna may have stolen my curls but it did not make my hair fall out...birth control did!

The good news...
I am pretty much APL (arm pit length). My goal was to make APL by April. Well now I would like to see FULL APL and a decent amount of thickness. My hair success is bittersweet because although my hair is much is too thin for me to enjoy it. :-(

So....what does this mean? Well I am actually still dieting and working out (trying to shed the extra pounds also a result of the BC) so right now, it is best I keep my hair curly. Although my hair is thin....the curls are beautiful! I have no clue what my hair type anymore...but I love my curls. I am slowly nursing my hair back to health and I am confident that by summer....I will be able to wear my hair out again.

The verdicts on weaves? A keeper. I will definitely be weaving back really soon. I am going to take a few weeks to give my hair a little TLC. And then...back in sew in's I go. At the rate my hair is growing...with the help of weaves.....I just MIGHT see BSL (bra strap length) for Christmas!

Have you nursed your natural hair back from "thinning"? If so, please share your experience. I need all the tips I can get. Although I don't wanna...I promise to take pics of a piece of my hair stretched to show the length and the curls just for fun before the next 48 hours is up (curly deep conditioning with Aussie 3 minute miracle) :-)