Monday, August 4, 2008

Busted and Disgusted

That describes how I am looking today. I just finished my work out...and my head looks a mess..**pouring out a little for this Brandy Hair**...OK So we made it 2 weeks. I could push it a little further if I wanted...but I started with my MT mix and the rosemary has me smelling like an old ladies tin can. I can not WAIT to get home...and take this crap out...and WASH and DEEP condition.

As for the work out...I am seeing results. Not really in size...but a chick is toned.
I took before pics...I need to take some now and see how they compare. The only thing is I am scared to post them here because I am in my draws...LOL Going forward I will do shorts and a bra top. My goal is Sept to see a difference in hair and body (I am sure this burger I am about to eat is not helping) And October the 1st for skin. Wish me luck ladies...
I will be back with an update after I get this weave out. I am thinking I may do a quick weave protective style for a few days....then reweave with this same hair.

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