Saturday, November 8, 2008

Let's Spot a Deal!

So I have a problem. My problem is shopping. I mean it's not really a problem as long as I continue working my 50 million jobs to support my habit. So...let's discuss this week's deals.
The Gap has a great selection for kids on their sale rack. My son skipped an entire size so I have been shopping up a storm. This week I was able to find him 4 pair of jeans and slacks for 8 or 9 bucks each! On top of that, the GAP had an additional 25% off all sale items.
Old Navy also has all outer wear for 50% off AND hats and scarfs for a BUCK! GREAT deal for the babies.
Earlier this week, had some GREAT deals on Nine west and Kenneth Cole shoes. I found nice leather boots for as little as 29.95! So...make sure to get to their site and sign up for alerts.
MARSHAL's! For the last three weeks...I have been at Marshalls once a week. :-) I will be sure to post pictures when I wear some of my is a list of some of my finds:
High Waisted flare skirt...$10
Patent Leather BCBG knee Boots $39 (they didn't have my size but thats a great find)
The PERFECT Skinny Jean...$10
A CUTE leopard print dress ...$7
Shirts and such for my son.....$7
And much much more....I will be back with updates as I add more..
Lately..I have been looking for a Peplim wiggle dress. So far I have not had the chance to find one...I am going to try a few thrift stores on tomorrow.
In order news....I have switched from MT to OCT and this is my progress over 5 months. I only used MT for the last month. I will update with MT/OCT progress a little later... toodles!

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jenifer said...

Just came across your blog and I love it.. Well, 6PM always offers such type of deals and discount sales.