Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Growth Aids.....MegaTek Step up!

Hello's been a minute but I thought I would check in for a second. I have been very low key with the hair as of late. When I took the last weave out (Brandy pro 10) I have been wearing a bun with my hair baggied underneath. I ended up getting a small cut labor day weekend to get rid of some dead ends...and I have been bunned up since.
Well I decided that this was a great time to start with a growth aide. I started with Megatek...So far...the only thing I can say is Megatek DEFINATELY increases thickness. I have only been using this consistent for about a month and my hair is noticibly thicker.
I will post pics tonight of where my hair was 2 weeks ago when I straightened (gotta love that Chi) so that I can see if Megatek is TRULY all that people claim that it is.
For the record...I use it STRAIGHT. I apply it to my scalp and edges after I CW every other day before I bun up. be continued.....


ValeriesWorld said...

I have been using Mega Tek for over two months now and after 9 days, there was increased thickness, then after 20 days, significant growh. You will get a lot of growth.


Hi. I have a sewn in weave. Can you use Mega Tek on tracks?