Sunday, October 19, 2008

**Update** Accutane - 2 months in

I have been back on accutane for two months and thought it would be cool to track my progress. When I started I had lite/moderate acne. It was not cystic but my skin bruises quite easily. Being a former Accutane patient I decided to try it again. The first time I was on the drug I only took it for two months, this time I plan to complete the entire treatment.

Some common side effects of Accutane are severe depression, excessively dry skin, hair loss and bone issues. So far, I have experienced only two side effects. In my opinon, they are minimal. I have extremely dry lips(Carmex balm is my best friend) and dry peeling skin on my face. I guess those are both a result of dry skin so that's one side effect. I have no signs of depression and my hair is progressing quite nicely. I have continued to work out regularly without any bone issues.

I have no pimples whatsoever. This excites me because I injest MSM water and 7500 mcg's of biotin daily. I still have faint dark spots but they are fading as we go. I have attached an image to track where we are.
I will check back in at month four. Toodles!


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The Lady Girl said...

Did you have any problems with your hair on Accutane? I want to try it but my Dema says its too strong for me.