Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Baggy Method: A way to protect your ends and retain length.

We are all on a mission to increase the rate at which our hair grows. We take vitamin supplements, try topical growth agents, increase our water intake, and drink raw eggs all in hopes of boosting our natural growth rate. One of the biggest issues in hair growth is retaining length. Our hair naturally grows every month. If it did not, we would not need touch ups (relaxers and color). Have you ever colored your hair, and it was time to touch up your roots yet your hair was the same length it has always been? This is because just as fast as your new hair is coming in the old hair is breaking off.

What causes hair to break off?
Hair breakage can be caused by:
excessive use of heat styling tools
Cold air (dries hair out or sometimes freezes wet hair)
rubbing up against materials (your sweater or your pillowcase)

So how can we retain length?
Let's take a look at protective styles.

Protective styles are basically just styles that protect your ends. Some examples of protective styles are:
Phony ponytails
instant weaves
Two Strand Twists

It is not as simple as just wearing these styles. You want to make sure that your ends are properly mositurized so that they don't get dry and brittle. So how do you ensure that your hair is moisturized? The baggy method.

How do you baggy your hair?

Items you will need:
2 Ponytail holders (ouchless bands)
Moisturizing Agent
Sealing Agent

1. Pull your freshly washed hair back into a ponytail with one of the ouchless bands.

2. Coat the length of your ponytail with your moisturizing agent(I use either S curl or a conditioner)

3. Seal your moisturizer with an oil (I use either olive oil or coconut oil.)

4. Put your ponytail in a baggy and secure it with the additional ouchless band.

5. Style as planned (ie phony pony, instant weave, phony bun)

I did a tutorial in my fotki album on how to baggy with an instant weave. You can find it here.


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