Saturday, May 2, 2009

So I have been missing...

(my sweet puppy Sky)

Yea...I have been MIA...
Well let's get caught up..

1. I have not had the chance to henna again partially because of laziness and partially because I have been super busy.
2. I have since fallen in love with Amla paste treatments... All the same benefits of Henna TIME consuming. I have only done 2 treatments...I will give detailed information after a little more research. :-)
3. FINALLY finished this SUPER boring course so I am headed to summer session.
4. Work has been crazy as hecks and promotional work has picked up also.
5. I launched a third site...still VERY much under construction..this one is geared more towards my career
6. Still working on and developing me know if you have any input
7. I am CRAVING new shoes and maxi dresses...I did pick up a couple of both recently but nothing earth shattering...I will be back with pics later.
8. Still hanging in there with weight watchers...I have lost a total 6 pounds...SO far to go...
9. I was recently hired as a "Dr. Pepper Girl" gotta stay on my grind...

And FINALLY had a girls nite last week. My big babe and took my little babe camping so my pup SKy and I were home alone... Here is a flick from the evening!


LadyWritesTheBlues said...


I'm gonna research the alma....I liked the Cassia, but saw on curlynikki a henna mixed w/some sorta powder (indigo?) to not have the color change-I think I am going to try that...still no perm-two months!!:) I've been just wearing a bun..

About cyberstylist-I'm still LOVING it--I wouldn't mind seeing some options for fly work atire, since our dress code is more laxed in the summer-no more suits!! I love pencil skirts,ruffles, & all things girlie, but I'm looking for other work options since the dress code change is a perfect excuse to SHOP.LOL Just a thought...if you get a chance...

Congrats on WW!

KinkyCurlyCoolChick said...

Thanks hon! I was thinking of doing a post on sets only...perhaps I can do them on funky professional attire. Thanks for the idea!

Indigo is not something I am eager to try. Check out for more information on it before you do it. If I am not mistaken it DOES color your hair. Indigo is used to darken hair and give you black hair.

I am going to try to find the time to henna this week...I will doing my weekly Amla treatment tonight. :-)