Thursday, April 22, 2010

Conditioner Only Please

So....I am taking a break from the weaves. While sew in weaves are a great protective style, they are also very hard on the pockets. :-) I am also back in the gym working out. So it's kind of hard to keep a straight/perfect weave doing allot of cardio and sitting in a sauna and steam room.

I have been wearing my hair in a phony pony that I ball up into a bun. I make sure to coat the ends of my ponytail with S curl and Shea butter.

Well today I decided to wear a puff. I don't like wearing my puff as much anymore because it has gotten so thin. Well the ends are thin, my new growth is mega thick. I have found that hair doesn't need the gel or curling creams. I can put plain on conditioner in my hair (after my conditioner wash) and get just as many defined curls if not more. I am eager to see how my hair is at the length that it is now...with lots more thickness. If my hair had not thinned and were are the length that it is now...I would be having a style field day. But such is is only hair...and it will get there.

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fizz said...

ooh i know what you mean by the expense of took me 2 or 3 times doing that b4 i realized i was gonna have to let it
blessings to you

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