Saturday, April 17, 2010

Update: 3 More months of Sew Ins

hheeeeyyyy peeps!

So....I have been in sew in's since my last post. I have not been consistent with my supplements or topical agents. I have just been lettin things do what they do. Well I took my weave out a little early this time and I was pleased to find that my hair is starting to thicken back up. The down side to that is the ends and MOST of my legnth is terribly thin. Birth control was not my friend. :-(

I am sitting here with Henna and Amla on my head. I will start back with these powders in hopes of getting my hair back into shape. Once I gain 4 to 5 more inches I will cut the legnth off...which sucks because I am a little beyond APL.

I will do a better job of updating....just a little down about my hair these days.

I WILL make a come back from this thin ugly hair. LOL

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