Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jessicurl WDT

Greetings all!

I have been over here loving on my hair. Until today, my hair has been in some form of a puff. Well today it is super cold I decided to pamper my hair a bit, and put it in a baggied bun. So...I got my Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment yesterday and I coated my hair with that...and Elucence MB conditioner...and put it in a baggied bun. I sealed my ends with Shea Butter. I am going to baby my hair for maybe two more days or so...then I am going to Henna again this weekend.

I ordered 4 boxes of the Jamila brand Henna. I am hoping that it comes by Friday...but if it doesn't I will just use the Reshma brand again. I am trying to determine if I am going to leave it in overnight again....or let it sit overnight and leave it on for a few hours. I am leaning more towards leaving it on overnight. People in my life are SO tired of hearing about I guess I will hush and put it here in my little blog.

In other news, I have pressed pause on my application of OCT. Being that it is high in protein, I think it is best that I lay off of it for a bit because I am doing so many Henna treatments...once I go to once a month henna treatments...maybe I will incorporate it back into my regi.

As far as supplements...I am doing good...I am taking my MSM powder, Biotin and B complex with extra Vit C. So...I am going to hold out on the straightening until March...or atleast the very last week of Feb...but we shall see.
Can I do it? Can I hold out another month being that I have not straightened in a month...and more importantly have I gotten any growth and retained any length. One the left side of my head...when I stretch a peice from the is at my arm pit...what will it look like when it is actually straightened...I am SO curious to see.

Well...until tomorrow...or later on today...

OH and next up...Olive Oil facial washes...and weekly work outs with weight training...I MUST get fineR for this summer. LOL

Toot Toot! :-)

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