Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh no they didn't!

So...I have been wearing my lil side puff for a few days straight now. I figure it must not be too bad on my ends because I coat them in shea butter AND they are not rubbing up against any material. However, I decided I was going to get some Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner and add it to my new arsenal of products. I have done WELL so far on my new quest to DC at least once a week to improve the moisture in my hair. (I will revisit that soon) So I decided to go and pick some conditioner up locally instead of paying shipping and waiting to receive it in the mail (yall know I have a shortage of patience...) So...I know of this ONE black owned BSS in the city that carries Elucence products..
So I leave work a few minutes early in the RAIN, drive all the way across town to pick up the midget...and then trek ALL the way to yet ANOTHER corner of town in an effort to pick up the conditioner so that I could DC last night. Well I am a BAD GIRL because I arrive at 5:50!! Whoo Hoo!!

Oh so I thought. WHY were the lights out? The sign on the door blatantly read..." Hours of Operation Monday _ to 6pm"
Ok So WHY are you completely shut down at 5:50?!? Then I see a lady walking to the door. I am like ok SURELY she is going to let me in to get this one product. No maam. She was letting another lady OUT and told me by shouting... "WE CLOSED"
And people wonder why I am hesitant to support black businesses?!?!
I hate to generalize because I know that there are a number of black businesses that provide good service. However, my experiences with them are FAR more negative than positive. When I go to the Asian BSS...I am greeted...by name. Even if it IS ten minutes before closing time (which is later than 6 pm let me add) they are still courteous. Now...I no longer am followed thru the store...maybe because I go in there SO much...they know me by name now...but I can say that I have had FAR more positive experiences there than with my own. Not to say that ALL Asian BSS provide great service because I have walked out of a few of those also when I am not acknowledged or asked if I need any assistance...

So the question is....will I give this salon/store another shot today and do all of this ALL over again just in an effort to get my beloved Elucence...
Those of you that have ever used this product already know my answer...

HECK YEA! But I must say...if I didn't need this product SO badly I wouldn't.

Now..that I have gotten that off my chest...let's talk about why I am making an effort to deep condition more. One of the first things I noticed when I chopped...was how extremely DRY my hair was.No matter what I did...my hair STAYED dry. I tried all types of products and nothing seemed to help. I will say that my daily conditioner washes helped SOME but overall...my hair was still very dry and dull. Well I decided to up my supply of moisturizing conditioners (leave in and regular) and start a weekly deep conditioning treatments. Lately I have been using either Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose and Olive Oil...or Pantene's Breakage Defense Mask and Vatika Oil. My hair LOVES the pantene mask. Makes my hair like butter. The Vatika Oil is no joke either...the first treatment yielded amazing results. Once I have it in my hair, I sit under my heat cap for 30 to 40 minutes...then I sleep in it. I recently read that the pantene mask is discontinued...I am really hoping that this is a terrible LIE and I am going to try to reup today...So hopefully tonight when I do my deep treatment while watching Nip Tuck and sipping wine...I will be using ELUCENCE...LOL Thou I must admit...I am really tempted to just stick with my ole faithful Pantene and Vatika Oil.
Here is the pantene mask.

Here is the Vatika Oil (doesn't smell good...but AWESOME results)

As far as pics...I have a few...but my batteries died. They are pretty boring anyway. No length pics yet...and no new styles. Right now my puff is my boo but I must say...my hair is STILL transforming and is looking different each and everyday. I promise to have some pics soon.

Well for now...in the words of Frankie......

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