Sunday, January 18, 2009


I bought more conditioner today....I will have reviews soon.

I tried a twist out. It came out ok this time. I did learn that one side of my head is tighter than the other. My left side is tighter than my right.

I am sitting here with my Pantene Hair Mask on....I did a CW was Hello Hydration...then coated my hair with the mask and some olive oil...put on a plastic cap...and my scarf. My hair feels it should be working....about to head to sleep and see what style I use tomorrow.

I am eager to see what my progress is come March. I compared tonight and Sept to the end of Dec I did pretty good. I will attach a pic.

Pantene Mask is definately a HG of mine...has my hair feeling like butter....and I have to take care of those ends....



Southern_diva_natural said...

Im doing my next length check in march as well yay!

Perfectly Me said...

LOL, my right side is tighter than my left.