Thursday, March 19, 2009

Battle of DevaCare and DevaCurl Conditioners

DevaCare One Condition VS DevaCurl One Condition

For the past few months I have been using DevaCare One Condition as a leave in. I LOVE it. It is thick in consistency with a light citrusy smell. My hair DRINKS conditioner and product so I need something somewhat heavy. Although DevaCare One Condition is a heavy conditioner, it doesn't weigh my hair down. My hair dries to be super soft and moisturized and fluffy. This is always a plus.

Well I was about out of my DevaCare One Condition so I headed to Ulta to pick up another bottle. As I was reaching for the product, I noticed DevaCurl One Condition. You would think I would take a second to read the labels and determined what the difference was....but I didn't. In my mind...I wear my hair kinky 80% of the why NOT try DevaCurl One Condition. So...I picked it up...and decided to go ahead and try it out on my puff.

My first experience with DevaCurl One Condition was not positive. I was not please at ALL. It's consistency was similar to DevaCare One Condition as it was also creamy...and the smell was a little different...more perfumy(which I liked). However, though it was creamy, it did not seem to coat my hair like the DevaCare product did. I was about to get discouraged and give it up...and I decided to try it again. This time I used MORE product and I LOVE it. I have decided since to stop using my beloved Kinky Curly and use conditioner only.

The Verdict
Overall I think they are BOTH great products. As far as consistency of the conditioner, they are tied. They are both rich and creamy. A DREAM for porous hair like mine. In regards to smell, I am going to go with DevaCurl One Condition, it smells like I am wearing a fragrance...and I am not. LOL I even got complimented in the elevator on my fragrance. LOL! As far as softness, I am slightly partial to DevaCurl One Condition. My hair and my curls are thriving. time I am in Ulta...I will be reaching for DevaCurl One Condition. However, if it isn't available, it will not be the end of the world if I have to take it's back up instead, DevaCare One Condition.


Molovefive9 said...

Like your new banner!

I tried DeveOne (white label with green logo) because so many ppl were loving it. I didn't care for the smell and my hair looked dry so I returned it to Ulta. I may give the DevaCurl a shot later. I have spent so much money on trying to find the right products for my 4a/4b hair.

KinkyCurlyCoolChick said...

Thank you!

Yes it is expensive to find the right product....but when you do... you will be glad u tried everything that you did.

Have you identified hair twins so that you can try hair products that works for them? That helped me out some...