Monday, March 16, 2009

To go green or not..... Hmmmm

I am no stranger to growth aids. Whether they are topical or internal, it is nothing for me to try a new growth aid. Well lately I have been SUPER lazy on the growth aid tip. My OCT sits in my linen closet, my powdered MSM sits in the drawer at work, and the biotin and B Complex is taken every other day. Well, the other day I was talking to a hair pal, and she shared her success with Chlorella. Listening her speak about it, I felt that ole familiar PJ tug deep down. So what did I do? I hop on the net and get to researching. A few things about Chlorella caught my eye:

1. Aids in lowering High Blook Pressure
2. Suppresses your appetite (causing you to lose weight)
3. Detoxes your body, therefore your skin benefits
4. HAIR growth! LOL

There were countless other benefits that I will post as time goes on...but for now. Let's focus on those. I will be starting my Chlorella experiment Sunday. I am contemplating adding a sea vitamin to the mix for Maximum results. So I will be back Sunday with the start the "Chlorella" Chronicles and my starting pic. I don't plan to straighten so it will be a shrunken wet pic with one piece stretched. LOL


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