Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Look Ma! No Gel!

I usually load my hair with a couple of conditioners each morning. Then on top of that I add Kinky Curly for definition. I recently added DevaCurl Set it Free to the mix. I would do ALL of this...and then add Aloe Vera Gel to my edges. NO DEALS.

I am a follower of Curly Nikki's blog and her hair is very inspiring. Aside from Henna, one other thing that I have learned from her that the LESS product (excluding your conditioners) the better. Being that I ONLY do conditioner washes 90 percent of the time and only use shampoo when I am performing a Henna Treatment or about to straighten...I really don't need all the gook in my hair.

So today I was brave. When I washed my hair this morning...I decided to ONLY put conditioner (DevaCurl One Condition and Pantene Hydrating Curls) and a leave in (KC Knot Today) in my hair. NO gel NO Kinky Curly Curling Custard. My hair was just as curly as it is with all the other gunk if not MORE.

My only complaint is...though I have definition and minimal frizz(thanks Henna) my hair is not as big as thick as I would like. My hair lacks volume. It is very little. I literally went in the ladies room took down my puff and SHOOK it. It was still small. Not sure why this is...Perhaps I should go back to weekly Henna treatmnents versus bi weekly? Did I make the switch too quickly? Who knows...I am going to go ahead and henna this weekend with a mix of Dulhan and Reshma. I am curious to see if maybe I am not getting the bulk because of Jamila. Stay tuned for my results.

All in all I think I will start just wearing my puff and curly styles with conditioner only. Tomorrow I am going to try using ONE conditioner only. I will more than likely stick with Pantene Hydrating Curls. My hair loves that stuff. Set if Free? I will only use that when I am twisting my hair. If your hair is thin...or lacks may not want to use this on a wash n go. This stuff made my puff more like a "poot" than a Puff. LOL Really soft...but REALLY shrunken. LOL more Set it Free until I am in twists. The Set it Free along with Shea butter made my hair feel like silk.

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