Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is Your Weave too tight?!

Well I decided to go ahead and weave my hair up. I promise to take pictures tonight. It was my intent to create a video as I was weaving to help you all learn to "do it yourself".

I decided to weave to give my hair a break. I also just started takins some new supplements and I am eager to see if I get any results. I plan to wear my hair weaved for the next month or two and then straighten June 1st in celebration of my one year natural nappiversary. I hope that I can gain at least 2 inches between now and then. I plan to use OCT and MN on my scalp underneath this weave. I will more than likely go back to weekly Henna treaments in June once I am done with this weaving spell. Anyone that knows me...knows that I have EXTREME hair ADD will I be able to make it until June in various weave styles?

This go around I used my trusty Pro10 Bohemian Curl. I love this hair because althought it is synthetic...it has LOTS of body and looks very natural. I promise to post pics a little later.


LadyWritesTheBlues said...

Okay, I am sorry for worrying you to death, but what would you suggest for suppllements/vitamins for a newbie? I looked at your older posts and saw various things you've tried. I am curious as to what must haves you'd suggest to begin with? Thanks

KinkyCurlyCoolChick said...

You are NOT worrying me. I love all things hair. :-)

I suggest starting with a good hair vitamin. You can try either Ultra Thick (Vitamin Shoppe) or Ultra Nourish Hair (GNC) I love BOTH of these.

Once you get these in your system you can work your way up with some of the others.

**I tried that wine last night. It was good! Had me talking out of my head and seeing stuff! LOL Drinking more tonight....

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

Okay great! I will get one of those-thanks! Oh and I love the transition style on today's post-I can definitely rock that one! Thanks again.

Glad u liked it-it does have that effect! Believe me, I know...*turning up my glass*