Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can we revisit Skin for a moment?

As you all know, last year I tried Accutane again. This was actually my second time taking the medication. My first experience was positive so I decided to try it again. Well my second time around was not positive. My skin started to get hard, scaly and dry like a snake. I am not referring to the skin on my face either. So I reluctantly stopped using it. I also experienced a great difficulty actually getting the prescription filled this time. Allot of pharmacies do not carry the drug in my area and by the time it has been ordered my script would expire. I decided that my skin was not that bad anyway so I let it go.

My boyfriend has really clear skin. He has used Clean and Clear antibacterial wash and astringent for awhile. I decided to get some for myself and try it. My skin LOVES it.

My skin is very smooth. Even the small bumps that I had on the bridge of my nose are ALL gone. I have only been using it for a few weeks but so far so good. I will definately continue using the cleanser and astringent. Whenever I decide to wear make up, I make sure to use their Dual purpose mositurizer. So good.

I will update in a month or so with my progress.

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peanutbutter.brownsugar said...

My doctor wanted to put on accutane when i was in high school, i had every pimple known to man an also my pimples was popping up next to each other!

I use clean and clear to, and like you, i got it from my b/f lol. funny huh?!