Friday, March 20, 2009

Mizani Moisturefuse - A straight gal's boo

So..I decided to straighten my hair last night. I was getting bored with the same ole curly puff. As I mentioned earlier, I do not use the same hair care products when I wear my hair straightened. When I am kinky, I prefer one set of products and routines.

When I decide to straighten my hair, this is my regime for full, bouncy straight hair.

1. Wash with Creme of Nature Shampoo (will be replaced soon as it has been discontinued)

2. Deep Condition with Mizani Moisturefuse. I tried this on a whim one day. I must say that it was not a mistake. Mizani leaves my hair super soft, moisturized, light and full of body.

3. Blow dry with a light creamy leave in. Lately I have been using either Lacio Lacio or Neutragena Triple Moisture.

4. I blow dry in four sections. I just added this to my regime..thanks to henna. Henna has my hair feeling SUPER thick..and hard to dry. No complaints here.

5. I then take teeny tiny sections and flat iron.

6. I put a nickel sized amount of Chi Silk infusion in my palm and rub it thru the finished product.

7.I either roll on satin rollers for MORE volume...and end up looking like the Cookie Monster's grandma....or wrapping and have nice bouncy hair the next day.

The above is my regime for straight silky natural hair. 90% of the time I do not even press my roots. I try to use as little heat as possible. Hmmm maybe next time I will create a Youtube video?! Hmmm thoughts.

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