Thursday, July 16, 2009

Half Wig Options for Naturals

As I stated previously, I am going back to half wigs (instant weaves) for a bit. I have decided to try topical growth agents and supplements to boost my growth rate. Instant weaves will give me access to my hair AND a cute style when I need it.

Most naturals get frustated with instant weaves because they select the wrong wigs. Straight and shiny synthetic wigs are not the best option if you are natural. In order to make your instant weave look as natural as possible, it is best to choose a textured or curly half wig.

In my fotki album, I provide a tutorial on how to install and blend a half wig. Check it out for tips and getting that natural look that you desire.

Here are a few instant weaves that are ideal for natural heads.


Pat said...

thanks for this, I am really looking into wigs to let my natural hair grow but a straight wig is not looking so good right now

DeeDee said...

I'm glad you posted this. I am sporting braids right now but I miss my own hair. After these suckas come down, I plan to rock a wig and these are some great options.

Spitting Glitter said...

Yeahh to half wigs for protective styles...I honestly dont know why there this stigma to 'wig-wearing'. I just recently posted on my 1st half-wing purchase


Jason statham said...

The pool water will dry out your hair but since it is already moisturized, the damage will not be as severe on the lace wig Best Lace front wigs