Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mastering the Braid out: Part One

So...last night I did my henna treatment in a good minute. My hair has started chedding a something terrible and I have just been bad overall.
I was not working with much time so I only left it in for about 4 hours and a 30 minute deep condition.

I tried to create a braid out with Cantu Shea Butter Leave in and Fantasia IC and about 9 braids (cornrows)....
So like...it didn't work. My waves/curls were not defined at all.

So I am going to try again TONIGHT. This time individual plaits and maybe another setting agent.

Any recs?

I am determined to master the braid out THIS month.
I am TIRED of puffs!


Laquita said...

I tried using a leave-in conditioner with gel for a twist-out and it turned out to be a sticky mess. For me the best twist/braid out results I got is by using Organic Root Stimulator Loc and Twist Gel, and doing the braids/twists while they are wet (right after washing).

First, I wash then add a little leave-in conditioner. Then add a little moisturizer. Before braiding each section, just add a dab of the gel to the section before braiding. Re-wet sections with a spray bottle if needed.

I usually have to re-wet the top since I start from the back. Also make sure your briads are tight and your hair is totally dry before unbraiding. The longer you can keep the braids in the better.

I hope this helps :o)

Single Lady said...

Hmmm Lock and Twist Gel eh? Hmmm...might have to stop for some on my way in this evening. Thanks for the tip! I will let you know how I come out!

Anonymous said...

I just use Trader Joes Nourish conditioner and a combo of Shea Butter/grapseed oil. I apply it the same way Laquita described. When I'm done braiding, I'll add a little more shea butter to my ends and edges. Works like a charm Good luck and remember a little goes a long way.

Single Lady said...

I wish we had a Trader's Joes here.Is there anyway to order it online?

msday said...

Well, I stumbled across your blog, and thought I would add my two cents. I just went through a bad post partum period full of shedding hair. If I were you, I would lay low on some of the products, and stop braiding your hair while wet. At least until it stops. Here is my regimen and products;
Sunsilk Purple bottle for (nodi e ricci capelli) I think in English it is literally nappy and curly hair.
Sunsilk shampoo, sunsilk conditioner and sunsilk leave in cream.(all purple)
1. Wash and condition hair
2. Use a wide tooth comb, after you put the conditioner on, and detangle it. If you meet resistance, comb through under the shower head when you rinse it.
3. towel dry but squeeze it in sections.
4. apply extra virgin olive oil from roots to ends.
5. Apply sunsilk leave in cream
6. Allow it to dry completely
7. braid the hair(don't worry, it won't kink up)braid two cornrolls in the center, and use mid sized plaits for the rest, roll the ends on cut up silk or rods. Wrap it up and sleep over night.
This works for me, and my hair has stopped shedding. I hardly get two hairs in the comb. I have 3b, 3c, 4a hair. I hope this works. Ciao!

a dollop of extra virgin Olive oil, followed by the cream.