Saturday, July 11, 2009

Henna Issue: Loss of Curls due to Henna

I will be the first to tell you about the benefits of Henna for hair. Henna is good for not only natural hair but relaxed hair as well. When I stopped with my henna treatments, I immediately noticed a difference in my hair. My hair was not as thick, I had more shedding and definitely more frizz.

Recently I had a BAD experience with braids that resulted in a minor setback. I decided to use Henna treatments as a means to whip my hair back into shape. This morning/last night I did my third Henna treatment since the braids have been out. I have noticed less shedding, shiny hair, thicker hair and overall healthier hair. Unfrotnately, my biggest and only issue with still a large problem. Initially I stopped with my bimonthly henna treatments because my curl pattern was loosening. If you look in my album, my texture has changed allot since I started using henna. In an effort to revive my curls, I started doing Amla pastes every week. I was able to save my curls using Amla.

Well this morning when I rinsed my henna out of my head, I was discouraged when I saw that my hair was pretty much straight. I went ahead and applied lmy moisturizing conditioner hoping to see curls again when I rinsed it out. After deep conditioning for an hour, I was able to see a few curls and waves...more so waves than curls. I went ahead and flat twisted my hair for a twist out and put rollers on the ends of the loose areas (one side of my head is tighter than the other).

I am under the dryer now...and thinking. I will post pictures of this twist out once it dries completely. I also plan to do an amla paste sometime this week in an effort to revive some of my lovely curls.

What about you? What has your experience been with Henna? Have you lost or loosened your curl pattern using henna? I started adding Amla to my henna to prevent the loosening affect didn't work.

What are your experiences....suggestions....


TTLOVE218 said...

Hi! I was just thinking of adding amla to my henna for that exact reason. I haven't hennad my hair in about 2 months because I have a serious love affair with my curls and started using amla instead. I have noticed thicker hair with the amla but not as much frizz control. I am going to henna this weekend, I think I will do it every couple of months and use the amla every week.

Single Lady said...

Well, I have washed my hair 3 times since my treatment...and my curls are back. They are not as tight...but they are back. So I think it is a temporary loosening of the curls. Next time I will do a before and after...if my heart can take it. It was just too much for me. I almost cried!